Siggis ZX81 web server main page

This is the main page for the HTTP server running on top of Adam Dunkels TCP/IP stack (uIP). This page is served by the small web server running on a


maintained by Siggi (siggi ( at ) zx81 ( dot ) de).

You may directly access files in the Zeddies local file system, if you know their complete MEFISDOS path (drive/path/name). Otherwise start at the root directory of the drive (e.g. /d:/) and then browse the Zeddies file system.

Siggis ZX81 web server also supports a few virtual pages:

  • /cgi/tcp which shows current TCP connection states.
  • /cgi/stats which shows uIP TCP/IP statistics.

    For more information about uIP, see the uIP home page.
    And of course also the ZX-Team home page.

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